GLOBAL METALS (ARM) LIMITED Company is a dynamically growing international mining company that has a portfolio of diverse long-term operating, brownfield and greenfield projects in Lori and Syunik marzes of the Republic of Armenia.

After entering Armenian mining industry in September 2007, GLOBAL METALS started developing Armanis gold-polymetallic and Dastakert copper-molybdenum deposits through two ventures in the mining industry: “Sagamar”CJSC and “Molibdeny Ashxarh” LLC, being managed by GLOBAL METALS (ARM) Limited Company Armenian Branch in Yerevan, Armenia.

GLOBAL METALS employs an international team of highly skilled and dedicated professionals from Armenia, Russia and Kazakhstan.

We are committed to maintaining a competitive advantage through operational efficiency and innovative technologies. Our company is in constant search of new methods for exploring, mining, and processing  to make our operations  less energy intensive, cost-effective and environmentally sound.


Armanis Concentrator is put into operation.
As a result of corporate restructuring, Sagamar CJSC and Molibdeny Ashxarh LLC became subsidiaries of GLOBAL METALS (ARM) LIMITED Company.
Lichkvaz-Tey gold mine exploitation license was acquired.
Akhtala MEC: concentrate production capacity increased up to 12 000 tons.
Sagamar CJSC: construction of the Armanis Concentrator commenced.
Molibdeny Ashxarh LLC: explorations for new reserves expanded.
Akhtala MEC: second enrichment line was installed.
Sagamar CJSC: design and construction plan of the Armanis Concentrator was approved.
Molibdeny Ashxarh LLC: drilling works commenced.
The controlling stake in Metal Prince LTD. , the owner of Sagamar CJSC and Akhtala MEC, was acquired.

Our Industry Standing

Armenian subsoil is among the most investigated in the former Soviet Union. As a result of geological surveys of mineral resources more than 480 mineral deposits  were found  in Armenia, the presence of 38 metals, and more than 70 types of non-metallic materials.

The deposits are mainly concentrated in two regions: Alaverdi area in Lori marz and Kapan-Kajaran area in Syunik marz.

Today, Armenia is one of the leading countries with the proven reserves of molybdenum (Kajaran, Teghut, Agarak and Dastakert deposits). It owns  5.1% of overall and 7.6% of proven world reserves of molybdenum. There are also significant reserves of copper, zinc, iron, lead, gold, silver, rhenium, cadmium, tellurium, etc.

Armenian mining industry is growing, old enterprises are being modernized, and new deposits are being investigated.

The average annual copper production in Armenia is about 23,000 tons of metal. In recent years the annual growth rate of total copper production was 7%.

Copper concentrate was at the leading position in the exports structure of Armenia in 2010 (20.7% of total exports in 2010). The industry output is exported in the form of blister copper and copper concentrate.

Armenian mining companies produced 118 thousand tons of copper concentrate in 2010. The growth rate in comparison to the previous year amounted to 133.7%.

4 major producers exported 116 thousand tons of copper concentrate in 2010. 100% of Armenian copper blister exports and about 60% of copper concentrate exports falls to NorddeutscheAffinerie, which owns copper smelter in Pirdop, Bulgaria. The Swiss giant Trafigura accounted for about 24% of exports of copper concentrate from Armenia.

Start of operations of Teghut, Armanis and Dastakert mines will have an important role in the future development of the mining industry in Armenia.