Environmental Policy

Exploitation of mineral resources is inextricably linked with environmental issues.

Subsoil legislation provides that the subsoil users are required to protect air, land, forests, water and other object of environment.

During mining operations our company undertakes to ensure the following:

• Protection of water and air, land, flora and fauna, as well as the land of cultural, architectural, historical and geographical importance.

• Implementation of remediation, alignment, landscaping, enclosing, planting trees on the sites of the open pits.

• Filling or enclosing of  tunnels and boreholes.

• Prevention of pollution of subsoil during storage of industrial waste and discharge of waste water.

Our company will apply dry tailings technology for the first time in the history of mining industry of Armenia. The used water will flow back to enrichment plant for reuse, while  industrial and domestic emissions will be filtered by special purpose  stations of Canadian and German manufacture. It should be noted that there will be no deforestation both at present and in the future.

Strategies And Policies

The mission of GLOBAL METALS (ARM) LIMITED Company is to establish a long-term highly profitable group of mining companies with sustainable growth in shareholder value.

In pursuit of this mission, the Company  utilizes the most effective exploration techniques and extracts resources in the most efficient way with a strong commitment to health, safety and the environment.

Many of our projects started  as greenfields. New projects are increasingly more difficult to develop because of their locations, their social context and environmental issues. Our development strategy focuses both on exploration in the vicinity of our deposits, to capitalize on the existing infrastructure, and worldwide –  for deposits that are consistent with the objectives of our company.

We are committed to stimulating Armenia’s economic development, creating jobs, particularly in the rural areas of the regions, thus helping to prevent rural-urban migration, improving local infrastructure and providing other socio-economic benefits to the local communities.

• Production Put into operation Armanis Concentrator in July 2011
• Development Complete the supplementary exploration of  Dastakert mine.
• Expansion Continue to monitor the market for opportunities to acquire assets – both operating and development projects – that are consistent with our strategy.
• Production Targets
• Cost Targets
Armanis Concentrator: ore processing 500,000 t p.a.
• Safety & Health
• Community Development
Implement higher standards for safety and environmental performance.


Social Impact

Making a positive, long-term difference in the lives of people affected by our operations is a key goal for GLOBAL METALS (ARM) LIMITED Company.

Our focus is on building and enhancing a dynamic, team-oriented environment that encourages leadership from all employees and empowers them to achieve their potential.

Our company develops management systems to ensure that our employees are well trained, and our workplaces are safe. Management systems are designed to help prevent accidents, injuries and occupational diseases. We also review our safety and security practices regularly and work on their constant improvement.

Our operations provide socio-economic benefits to the communities where we operate, including employment, skills development, infrastructure improvements and financial contributions to the local economy.

The launch of Armanis Concentrator and development of Dastakert and Lichkvaz-Tey projects  will improve socio-economic situation in Lori and Syunik marzes.

Economic Impact

Our operations contribute significant financial resources to the government in the form of taxes and fees. In addition, the wages of our workforce promote secondary economic growth. For our businesses we purchase goods and services. We also improve local infrastructure and plan to support local social development projects.