Armanis Concentrator is put into operation.
As a result of corporate restructuring, Sagamar CJSC and Molibdeny Ashxarh LLC became subsidiaries of GLOBAL METALS (ARM) LIMITED Company.
Lichkvaz-Tey gold mine exploitation license was acquired.
Akhtala MEC: concentrate production capacity increased up to 12 000 tons.
Sagamar CJSC: construction of the Armanis Concentrator commenced.
Molibdeny Ashxarh LLC: explorations for new reserves expanded.
Akhtala MEC: second enrichment line was installed.
Sagamar CJSC: design and construction plan of the Armanis Concentrator was approved.
Molibdeny Ashxarh LLC: drilling works commenced.
The controlling stake in Metal Prince LTD. , the owner of Sagamar CJSC and Akhtala MEC, was acquired.