Environmental Policy

Exploitation of mineral resources is inextricably linked with environmental issues.

Subsoil legislation provides that the subsoil users are required to protect air, land, forests, water and other object of environment.

During mining operations our company undertakes to ensure the following:

• Protection of water and air, land, flora and fauna, as well as the land of cultural, architectural, historical and geographical importance.

• Implementation of remediation, alignment, landscaping, enclosing, planting trees on the sites of the open pits.

• Filling or enclosing of  tunnels and boreholes.

• Prevention of pollution of subsoil during storage of industrial waste and discharge of waste water.

Our company will apply dry tailings technology for the first time in the history of mining industry of Armenia. The used water will flow back to enrichment plant for reuse, while  industrial and domestic emissions will be filtered by special purpose  stations of Canadian and German manufacture. It should be noted that there will be no deforestation both at present and in the future.